Guest Posts by Addison

I'm glad to share about adoption, movies, family communication, and self-care for social workers in several venues. Here's a list of where I've been. If you think your audience would be interested in the stuff I write, please contact me. I'm glad to talk about communication in adoptive families to as many people as will listen!

Summer 2014 - New Social Worker: Belle

June 2014 - Adoption Today: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review

Spring 2014 - Adoptive Families: Q&A: Closure

Spring 2014 - New Social Worker: The Oscars and Thanking People Who Helped Along the Way

3/30/14 - New Social Worker: Because I Wanted to Help People

3/24/14 - Children's Home Society of Minnesota: Film of the Year

March 2014 Foster Focus Magazine: Movie Review - Beasts of the Southern Wild

2/27/14 America Adopts: Get Talking About Adoption with Oscar-Nominated Movies

Feb 2014 New Social Worker: Single Adoptive Dads in Film

Fall 2013 Adoptive Families: Emotional Pictures

9/10/13 Shared Grace: What and Why

July 2013 New Social Worker Blog: Movies Aren't Just for Off-Hours

Summer 2013: New Social Worker Magazine: Does This Movie Make My Attitude Look Big?

June 2013 Foster Focus Magazine vol 3 issue 1: Special Review: CAMP

5/13/13     Coalition for Children Youth and Families: How to Help Kids in Foster Care

3/25/13      Adoption Magazine: Adoption Themes in Movies

3/18/13       Reel Spirituality: The Adoption Connection: Beasts of the Southern Wild

3/15/13       Openness in Adoption - Presentation to Southwest Missouri Coalition of Adoption
                   Professionals, Springfield, MO

2/21/13       America Adopts: Using Movies to Talk about Open Adoption

2/14/13        Social Jerk: 4 Things Social Workers Can Do to Avoid Burning Out

2/6/13          Reel Spirituality: The Adoption Connection: Batman Begins

1/21/13        Families Online Magazine: 3 Ways You Can to Teach Your Kids to be Thankful

12/26/12       Wife then Mama: Why it's So Hard to Get Out of Foster Care, and How to Help

12/25/12       Reel Spirituality: The Adoption Connection: The Santa Clause

12/12/12 Have Adoptions Been Historically Closed or Open?

11/29/12       Reel Spirituality: The Adoption Connection: Superman the Movie

11/28/12       Jobland.US: Working as a Social Worker

09/06/12       Reel Spirituality: The Adoption Connection: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

1/14/12         Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a Starting Point for Care and Self-Care: Presentation to the
                     Southern California Chapter of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work -
                     Ontario, CA



  1. Hi Addison. Great blog. I wanted to make you aware of my film, LOGGERHEADS. It's all about an adoption triad. Hope you enjoy…

    1. Hi Tim! Thanks so much for reaching out. Loggerheads is near the top of my Netflix queue :) I was planning to watch and review it, but I'm even more excited to do it now that you've reached out!


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