Life as a Social Worker

I've been a social worker for about a decade. Most of my work has been in foster care adoption. Right now, I supervise a staff of seven excellent foster care / adoption social workers, and I am also a clinical supervisor supervisor. I've also been a therapist and (for a short time) a case manager in a drug rehab program. Here are some stories from my life as a social worker.

3/26/13 - Communication

3/12/13 - 12 Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Adoption is Ethical

1/28/13 - A Brief but Happy Meeting

12/12/12 - Adoption in America: Historically Open or Closed?

11/26/12 - A Perfect Moment in Retrospect

11/19/12 - Lessons from a Feeding Program

11/16/12 - How I Ended Up as a Social Worker

11/5/12 - What I Learned in Intro to Psychology

11/2/12 - Perfect Moment Monday

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