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This site operates on the belief that there are many important conversations for families that have been touched by foster care and adoption, and that sometimes those conversations are hard to get started. People talk in stories, and some of the most easily accessible stories are those captured in film. Adoption at the Movies reviews current and classic movies, suggests how they may relate to adoption and foster care, points out strengths, weaknesses, and challenges about the films, and provides recommendations and discussion guides to help families decide which conversations to have, and which films to watch. It's the hope of Adoption at the Movies that this site will be a helpful tool for many families to engage into open, honest, and healthy communication about adoption issues. Interested in a movie, but want some insight on how it might impact your kids? Have a favorite film and want some ideas about how to use it to start a discussion about a tricky adoption issue? This is the place for you!
Your host, Addison Cooper, LCSW and Movie Reviewer

Almost all of the reviews are written by Addison Cooper, a licensed clinical social worker with nearly a decade of experience in foster care and adoption social work; reviews written by other authors are clearly identified. While Addison is an experienced clinician, the reviews are written for a general adoption-connected audience. No internet site can substitute for the individualized care that can be provided by a professional that knows you. There are some questions that can only be answered and some issues that should only be processed with the help of adoption professionals or therapists who have a specific knowledge of you. Check Google or your local phone book to find resources in your community!

So, ready to get started? Click here for a list of all our adoption movie reviews, or click here for a list of films that are currently in theaters. Pick a movie, get some popcorn ready, and let's get talking!

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