Disney Movies and Adoption

Adoption-related themes seem to come up pretty often in Disney movies, even when adoption isn't mentioned in the film. From difficult stepmothers to absent parents to a child developing a sense of identity, Disney films often present stories with the potential to connect deeply with viewers touched by adoption. When this happens, there is the potential for good - growth and conversation, and the potential for harm - triggers and unintentionally reinforced negative stereotypes.   There's a full database of movie reviews here. This page features the Disney films that have come across the screens of Adoption at the Movies.

Updated: 2/18/17


   Inner Workings

   Queen of Katwe

   Pete's Dragon (2016)

    The BFG

 Finding Dory


   Alice Through the Looking Glass

  The Jungle Book (2016)
 Cinderella (1950)


  Doc McStuffins - Baby McStuffins

Doc McStuffins - whole adoption storyline
   Inside Out


    Monkey Kingdom


  McFarland USA

 Strange Magic

Into the Woods





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  1. Disney movies always follow the formula of Happily Ever After, and it always works. If people didn't want to see the hope of a happy ending, they wouldn't see disney experience movies to escape the every day.


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