Monday, January 28, 2013

Perfect Moment Monday: A Brief but Happy Meeting

Lori at Lavender Luz encourages us to find the perfect moments in our day-to-day life; moments that just happen, rather than moments that are prefabricated. It’s an exercise in choosing to observe and acknowledge the good in our lives, even when the bad things seem to scream at a louder volume.

Chris was adopted by his grandparents; I had been his foster care social worker years ago, when he was an infant. Years later, his grandparents brought him by my office, unexpectedly. He was happy, healthy, talking, and walking. Their visit was short and unexpected, but it brightened my day to know that things worked out for him. His grandparents and his former foster parents became friends and both committed  to love and support Chris. The few moments of that visit, years later, were perfect moments because they showed that everything worked out.

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·         All case stories are fictionalized combinations of several histories, altered for confidentiality.


  1. As a former teacher, I know that there are few things so gratifying as knowing, years later, that the children you spent an intense time period with had grown up well.

    Lovely moment, Addison!

  2. What a beautiful perfect moment! I hope you have many more like this in your career.

  3. It certainly made my day. They were in town and just decided to stop in. So glad they did!


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