Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting the Message Out There

Adoption at the Movies is about helping families talk and think honestly, thoroughly, and openly about adoption. The Adoption Movie Guides on this site are geared towards adoptive families watching them together, and then talking together.  It's also great when folks who are thinking about adopting have a chance to consider important adoption issues ahead of time. That way, they'll be better-prepared to meet the unique needs of their kids, once they do adopt.

The Church of the Nazarene is a 2-million member Christian denomination; they just shared about Adoption at the Movies on their site. Hopefully this site can be a part of the Internet Adoption Community's progress towards creating healthier adoptions.    Thanks for being a part of this journey, and for letting me journey with you. If you've got friends considering adoption, please share Adoption at the Movies with them!

And by the way, Adoption at the Movies on Facebook just hit 500 fans. Check it out!


  1. Nice! I recently plugged this blog on my blog too ( I have another blog where I'm writing letters to our future kiddoes. It's been really great to read and interact with this blog. As an adoptee who is adopting (gotta love that circle of life), I can't express enough how vital it is to get the word out there. Not all adopted kids are the psychos we hear about on talk shows, nor are we the lost puppies that turn up on people's doorsteps. I'm won the parent lottery and got a wonderful family who didn't feel like they were acting out of charity for us (they adopted my brother, and then me 3 years later - different bio families). They simply wanted a family. We were that family. End of line. ;)

  2. Hi J!

    Thanks so much for your comment here - and for the mention on your blog! I really liked that post; I understand the feelings, and I found it powerful to picture a family that's open and honest about their adoption, but that, at the same time, doesn't draw their full identity from the fact that they were formed by adoption.

    I'm sure glad you're here :)


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