Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review: Impatient Pamela Wants a Bigger Family

Mary Koski has crafted a positive, beautifully illustrated story about Pamela and Sam. 

Pamela is an only child, and her friend Sam is part of a large family of 8 children, many of whom joined the family through adoption. Pamela learns the benefits and drawbacks of having a large family, and decides that she wants to have many siblings. Her parents express that they will not be adding children to the family, but explain the benefits of having a small family. It’s a quick, uplifting read which affirms the goodness of all sizes of families.

The book’s explanation of adoption is also positive. Sam’s parents explain that adoption “means we chose some children to come and be a part of our family. We became their parents and we take care of them.”

This book could work well for children up to eight years old, in either small or large families. It’s also a very good book for children who have friends that are adopted.

Buy it / Borrow it / Skip it?   Buy it for your kids' friends.

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