Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Now in Stores: Monsters University DVD Release

Just in time for Halloween, Disney and Pixar are releasing Monsters University. While the film does not directly tie into adoption, there are several positive themes presented in a pleasing package. Characters learn to accept others, to be kind to kids who are unpopular, and to accept responsibility for their actions. Surprisingly for a Disney film, there are no "magic solutions." Mike and Sully do succeed, but they do so through hard work, and they suffer real consequences for their poor decisions. Some kids who have been adopted, or who have been in foster care, will resonate with the characters' struggles to fit into new environments. The theme of expectations of an individual based on their parents' accomplishments may be difficult for some viewers.

Overall, Monsters University is a very good film. Thinking of buying or renting it? Click over to the Adoption Movie Guide of Monsters University for some discussion ideas!

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