Friday, November 22, 2013

7 True Things about Teens in Foster Care

  1. Teenagers often age out of foster care without finding a permanent home. This kind of stacks the deck against them. Some of these teens do succeed, but it’s a hard road, and many don’t make it without help.

  1. Teens in foster care can – and will – tell you what they want… including an adoptive family.

  1. Teenagers in foster care don’t fit the negative stereotypes that circulate about them. The teens in foster care that I’ve met are interesting, resilient, and adaptable.

  1. Sometimes, it just takes one person to make a permanent, positive impact in a teen’s life. And teenagers are more important than starfish.

  1.  Some prospective adoptive parents decide not to adopt because they are “too old to adopt”… They’re 50 now, and don’t want to be 68 while their kids are still in school. If you adopt a teen at 50, when they graduate, you’ll still be pretty young.

  1. Babies are great, but you could make the argument that getting a teen ready for Prom is more fun than changing diapers.

  1. You don’t have to wait as long to see who a teen grows up to be.

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