Wednesday, February 19, 2014

100,000 Visitors, and Why This Site Exists

Adoption at the Movies recently was viewed for the 100,000th time. It feels like kind of a landmark. I’m not sure the best way to commemorate it. Maybe the best way to commemorate it is to remind myself of the mission of this site:

“Using film to help families enter into open conversations about adoption.”

Here’s what I’m thinking: Adoption is (nearly?) always home to many topics which are emotionally very 
heavy. Adoptive families might realize that these conversations need to happen – and that they’re very important – and yet the realization of the importance of these conversations can couple with the fact that the families haven’t known too many other people who’ve had the conversation. The level of importance is high, the amount of positive examples is low, and so sometimes, the important conversations don’t happen because of fear or feelings of inadequacy.
Reason # 2 why the site continues to exist: I really, really like watching movies. 

We communicate in stories. Stories are bridges into conversation. And movies are often very easily-accessible stories. Adoption at the Movies hopes that film can be that bridge for your family into important conversations.

Thanks for coming by and reading these movie reviews. I’ll plan on putting a new one up every Tuesday. Here’s looking forward to many more family movie nights!

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