Monday, June 23, 2014

The Case Against 8 Review (Adoption Movie Review)

Today, HBO will be premiering “The Case Against 8,” a feature-length documentary exploring the legal journeys of two same-sex couples in California who wish to marry. The issue of adoption isn’t raised in the documentary, but one interviewee asked an interesting question: how will children already being raised by same-sex couples be impacted if the couple is (or isn’t) allowed to get married? The documentary suggests that if familial stability is good for children and if marriage increases familial stability, then allowing a child’s parental figures to marry will only help the child. 

The Case Against 8 clearly supports the legalization of same-sex marriage. Unlike some voices on both sides of this debate, the documentary is reasoned and does not seem sensationalist. When dealing with issues so central to the lives of many, where people on each side have devoutly-held beliefs, “reasoned” is a goal. It’s hard to have a conversation when both sides are screaming; The Case Against 8 doesn’t scream. It will be upsetting for some, affirming for others, and perhaps thought-provoking for many. There seem to be some parallels between the film's focus and adoption laws; currently, same-sex couples are permitted to adopt in some states while being prohibited from adopting together in other states. It would be interesting to see a documentary covering those laws. For now, this film raises some powerful questions.

The film debuts tonight at 9:00 on HBO.

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