Sunday, October 26, 2014

Adoption at the Movies Two-Year Blogiversary!

Adoption at the Movies recently celebrated its two-year blogiversary. Back in October of 2012, the site opened with a review of Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Since then, we’ve covered around 150 films, and Adoption at the Movies has been read in over 100 countries. Adoption at the Movies’ reviews have also been carried in several foster care, adoption, and social work magazines. Also, since then, I moved from Missouri to Los Angeles, which is really a neat place to live when you’re writing movie reviews! Last week, Adoption at the Movies was also honored as Addison Cooper was presented with an Emerging Leader award by the Eastern Nazarene College Alumni Association.
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We’ve recently run a few polls on Adoption at the Movies, to help know how the site is used, and how it can be most helpful. Most readers come to the site looking for a review of a specific movie. Adoptive and foster parents want to know whether a movie will be a positive or a negative experience for their kids. The most requested films are current films with ratings up to PG 13, with a slight preference for animated films; parents also are interested in reviews of already-released films with definite adoption connections.

I’m looking forward to the next several years of adoption movie reviews. Thanks for being here, and please keep reading! New reviews come out every Tuesday!

In celebration of the first 2 years of Adoption at the Movies (and because I’m kind of a stats geek), here are the most-viewed posts from each month of the first 2 years! Any that you haven’t seen yet? 
Check them out!  Thanks for reading, and hey, please share this with a friend!

The Most-Read Post from Each Month of Our First Two Years

October 2012: Disney's Tarzan
November 2012: Angels in the Outfield
December 2012: Superman 2
January 2013: Despicable Me
May 2013: The Jungle Book
July 2013: Despicable Me 2
August 2013: Turbo
September 2013: Moving and Foster Care
October 2013: Disney/Pixar's Up
November 2013: Frozen
April 2014: Rio 2
July 2014: Earth to Echo
August 2014: The Giver
September 2014: The Boxtrolls

October 2014: ReMoved


  1. Happy blogoversary, AATM!

    Cool to think back on your old posts, and great to have this site as a resource.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! I still credit you with helping me figure out how to get started in blogging. Does that make you my fairy blogmother?


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