Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Feeling Wanted - Short Film Review

In the short film, Feeling Wanted, Charrel Star Charleston narrates her own journey into and through foster care. She was left home alone, left with a great grandmother, and eventually taken into foster care. Charleston shares honestly about the abuse she suffered in care, the social anxiety caused by the fear of her classmates discovering that she was in foster care, and the insensitive ways that social workers handled her moves from foster home to foster home. Charleston also remembers, tearfully and gratefully, a small act of kindness done by a typically-mean foster sister. As an adult, she reflects on her continual process of forgiving her parents for what she experienced.

This short film is packed with insight. I noticed that, six minutes in, I had already taken three pages of notes. Feeling Wanted is an excellent resource for foster families, and for foster family agencies. It’s honest, thorough, and hopeful, and gets a high recommendation from Adoption at the Movies.

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