Friday, October 9, 2015

Captive Adoption Movie Review

Brian Nichols is on the run. He escaped from a courthouse’s prison cell after knocking out his guard and shooting a judge, a court reporter and another guard. While on the run, Nichols seeks safety in the home of Ashley Smith. Smith is fighting drug addiction and is trying to be reunified with her daughter, who is current living with an extended family member. Nichols holds Smith hostage overnight. Smith is concerned for her own safety, and is also concerned that she will miss a big appointment with her young daughter.

The Adoption Connection

The protagonist is a mother who is battling drug addiction in an effort to get back custody of her daughter. Her story will be familiar to people who have been involved with the foster care system.

Strong Points

Ashley’s dedication to her daughter is evident. She desperately wants to overcome her addiction. She exhibits some amazing bravery and courage.

Nichols also is able to show some tenderness toward a child.


Ashley’s Aunt Kim challenges her about how her addiction has impacted her daughter. She says, “You’ve broken almost every promise you’ve made to her.” Kim later calls to apologize for being  “rude and unfair.”

When Ashley is held hostage by Nichols, he keeps her daughter’s address as a means of threatening Ashley into complying with his demands – he’ll attack her daughter if Ashley doesn’t follow his orders.

Weak Points

A scene where it appears that Ashley may be on the verge of getting raped could be very difficult for some viewers.


This movie is geared towards adults. While a child is in out-of-home care, that’s not the main point of the story. This is an interesting film, and adults watching it could perhaps develop some compassion for parents whose kids are in foster care. It’s not for kids, and adults could take it or leave it.

Questions for Discussion

Where did Ashley’s bravery come from?

How does Ashley fit with your preconception of parents whose children are in foster care?

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