Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Gift Adoption Movie Review

Simon has recently moved from Chicago to Los Angeles with his wife, Robyn. While shopping, Simon is surprised to run into Gordon, who Simon had bullied twenty years ago in high school. Gordon attempts to befriend Simon, but Simon continues being unkind to Gordon. We find out how Simon has impacted Gordon’s life, and Gordon eventually tries to extract revenge on Simon.

The Adoption Connection

*Spoilers Ahead*
Simon filed a false report about Gordon which led to him being moved far away from his home.
Simon and Robyn have been trying to get pregnant, and have suffered a miscarriage. Gordon tries to use Simon’s fears connected to the infertility in an attempt to extract revenge by tormenting him.

Strong Points

No relevant strong points. This is an entertaining and well-reviewed film (93% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of this review), but not recommendable for adoption audiences. 


See Weak Points.

Weak Points

*Big spoiler* There is a scene where it is suggested that a character may have impregnated another character by drugging her and then raping her. We hear that, years ago, one character’s father tried to murder him.


Although The Gift is an interesting film, the role that infertility plays coupled with one character’s use of another’s fertility challenges could make this a disturbing film for families that have dealt with infertility. It’s also disturbing that Robyn is stalked and troubled by a man who is seeking revenge on her husband. This is a good one to skip.

Questions for Discussion

Is there anyone who has wronged you that you have not been able to forgive? How might your life be different if you were able to forgive them?

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