Sunday, March 6, 2016

Doc McStuffins takes on an Adopted Sibling

Seven-year-old Doc McStuffins has become a good friends to her stuffed animals and toys by helping them feel better for three seasons. Now, she’s ready to learn some new skills. Her parents are about to adopt a baby, and Doc is excited but nervous - she wants to make sure that she’s ready to be helpful. Doc’s parents give her a baby doll to practice feeding, soothing, and changing; with the help of her toy friends, she feels ready to meet her new baby sibling.

The show handles adoption simply; Doc’s mother explains, “the new baby isn’t in my tummy like you two were; we’re adopting a child, which means the baby will come from another mom, [but will] still be part of our forever family.” Doc affirms that she loves the new baby already, and her little brother is ecstatic at the thought of being a big brother.

Over the next few episodes, we’ll get to meet Doc’s new sibling, and see how the family adjusts to having a new baby in the home.

The episode captures the excitement that Doc and her brother feel at the thought of a new baby coming into their family. The adoption connection does not appear to be a major plot point, but it is explained in a way that will make sense to the young kids that are the intended audience of the show.

If you’ve got young kids, this five-episode story arc of Doc McStuffins would be worth checking out. 

The first episode debuted Friday morning March 4, 2016 at 8 AM EST on the Disney Channel. Subsequent episodes will come out each Friday morning at 8 AM, with the last episode premiering on April 1. 

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