Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eddie the Eagle Adoption Movie Review

Eddie Edwards spent much of his childhood hampered by a leg injury, but he always dreamed of having a moment of glory at the Olympics. As a young man, he now tries to qualify for the British ski jumping team at the 1988 Olympics. He’s supported by his reluctant coach Bronson Peary, a formerly promising ski jumper who burned out of the sport years ago. Together, they face unfavorable odds to recapture Bronson’s passion and to achieve Eddie’s dream.

 The Adoption Connection


Strong Points

Eddie is devotedly supported by his mother.

Eddie is a good-natured but nerdy and awkward outsider, and he’s discouraged by peers, racing officials, and his father; he still chooses to persevere, and the audience is able to share in his sense of triumph.


Eddie’s father seems disinterested and displeased with Eddie throughout much of the film, and constantly degrades him. Although he eventually shows support of his son, it’s painful to see how long he stays adversarial and harsh.

Some characters joke about the impending deaths of inexperienced jumpers, but do run to help when it seems that their jokes might prove true.

Some of the crashes, which are part of the sport of ski jumping, are still cringe-inducing.


Eddie the Eagle could find fans with teens and young adults who’ve felt like outsiders. It is a triumphant story that is worth seeing, although it probably won’t appeal to viewers much younger than 14 or 15.

Questions for Discussion

Eddie’s mom provided steadfast emotional support to him, but also channeled much of the family’s money into Eddie’s Olympics goals. What is the difference between supporting someone against unlikely odds and enabling them to follow an unhealthy path?

What dreams do you have? How far are you willing to go to achieve them?

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