Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Piper Adoption Movie Review

Finding Dory is paired with the short film, Piper, the story of a baby beach-bird learning to feed itself. After getting used to being fed by its parent, the baby is surprised when its parent flies away and does not bring back food. The baby must learn to find its own food. On its first outing, the baby is hit by a large wave; this appears to traumatize it, and it cowers back in its nest. The next wave it sees, even a long way away, terrorizes it. However, hunger motivates the baby bird to try again, and an unexpected friend teaches the baby that the waves can be helpful in finding food; the thing that had most scared the baby bird is actually an opportunity for success. Armed with this new information, the baby bird becomes the most prolific food gatherer of the flock, and takes unbridled joy in the very thing that had once paralyzed the baby bird with fear.

This short will give parents the opportunity to talk with their children about things that have scared them; perhaps parents could help kids reflect on fears that they’ve overcome, and then apply that concept to fears that currently scare them. Parents can also point to a scene where a small wave is seen through the baby bird’s mind as a near-tsunami. Fears look different to different people. Some young viewers who have been neglected might find it hard to see the baby bird going hungry, and might resonate with a scene where the baby bird shakes in terror.  Over all, though, Piper is beautifully done and at its heart has an encouraging message for kids (and adults) who sometimes find the world unbearably frightening – you can get through this!

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