Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby Adoption Movie Review

On her 43rd birthday, Bridget Jones receives a call from her mother, who reminds her she is running out of time to become a mother. Bridget is single, and initially brushes off her mother’s advice. However, when her friends aren’t available to celebrate her birthday with her because of commitments to their children, Bridget accepts a coworker’s invitation to a music festival. Bridget’s co-worker encourages her to sleep with the first man she meets, which in fact, Bridget does, falling drunkenly into bed with Jack. A week or so later, she reconnects with an old flame, Mark, who is about to divorce his wife. Mark and Bridget also sleep together. Shortly afterwards, Bridget learns that she is pregnant. But who is the father, The handsome stranger, or her one-time love interest? Eventually, Mark and Jack learn about each other, and together, Mark, Jack and Bridget navigate a pregnancy without knowing who the father of the baby is.


The Adoption Connection

Some families may connect with the theme of complicated parental identity development for Mark and Jack as they each work to develop their identities as potential fathers. Jack admits that, if the baby is not related to him, he would have to reconsider his involvement with Bridget. Mark asserts that he will love Bridget and the baby, whether or not he is the father of the child. Families waiting or hoping to adopt might also have the experience of developing a tentative sense of themselves as parents.

Strong Points

Jack, Mark, and Bridget are all very excited to welcome this baby to the world. Although Jack and Mark both hope to be the father, they ultimately appear able to support each other, and each seems to remain involved in the life of the child.

Although it is very awkward for her to do so, Bridget rather quickly tells both Jack and Mark the truth about her peculiar situation, and though it takes a little time for them to adjust, Jack and Mark both do make efforts to support her. Bridget is able to be honest in a very hard situation; I imagine her situation would have been much more tricky to navigate had she hidden the truth from the potential dads.  Instead, we see three people navigating a difficult situation – with some bumps, but also with grace.


The film’s R rating and plot will limit its audience.

Jack deceives Mark into thinking that Jack is more likely to be the father of the baby. This sends 
Mark away dejected and he is uninvolved for a time; later, Jack admits what he has done, and Mark re-enters the picture.


Bridget Jones’s Baby will be a fun film for some adults who will enjoy seeing three adults imperfectly but somewhat graciously navigate through a difficult situation. The movie won’t be a good fit for teens or kids, and some adults won’t appreciate the film’s storyline. I appreciated Bridget’s honesty, as well as the way that Mark and Jack had enthusiasm for the baby, compassion for Bridget, and ultimately empathy and grace for each other. This one could be worth considering for a date night, if the plot doesn’t turn you away.

Questions for Discussion

What makes someone a parent?

How involved in the baby’s life should the “other” potential dad be?

In what relationships could you stand to extend more grace? What could help you do that? 

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