Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Snatched Adoption Movie Review

After she’s fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, Emily is still intent on taking her pre-paid vacation to Ecuador. Although none of her friends agree to accompany her, Emily is able to convince her mother, Linda, to come. Their hopes for a pleasant trip are dashed when a poor decision by Emily lands them in the hands of international kidnappers. Emily and Linda must work through their relational issues and find a way to escape.  


The Adoption Connection

There is no strong adoption connection in Snatched. Much of the film revolves around the mother-daughter relationship between Emily and Linda.

Strong Points

Emily and Linda are eventually able to talk through their mother-daughter relationship. Each takes a significant risk to save the other. Linda expresses that it’s hard to let Emily go; she misses her.


The film earns its R rating for some violence and crude statements and some nudity. It’s not a kids’ film.

A tapeworm comes out of Emily’s mouth.

For a moment, Emily believes that her mother sees her as selfish and worthless.


Snatched has some awkward moments. Emily and Linda do repair their mother – grown daughter relationship with some genuine honesty, and their love for each other is evident. The crudeness of the film might turn away some viewers, and certainly pushes it out of bounds for kids. Parents that choose to watch it could use the film as an invitation to spend some time thinking about the relationships that they hope to have with their children once their children are grown.

Questions for Discussion

Are you happy with the relationship you have with your childhood family?

What kind of relationship do you hope to have with your kids when they are grown? How might adoption issues fit into that relationship, and what can you do now to help your future relationship?

What’s the craziest vacation you’ve ever been on? 

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