Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mully Adoption Movie Review

Charles Mulli was born into poverty in Kenya. After being abandoned by his family, he survived by begging and stealing. In a period of despair, Mulli accepted an invitation to church. There, he was inspired by a preacher’s message that anything is possible with enough hard work. Through hard work, perseverance and inspiration, Charles became a leading businessman in Kenya. He married and had a large family. And then he realized the extent of the needs of the children in his country, and he grasped his responsibility as a prosperous person to do something about it.

Mully tells the story of what Charles has done to help and how he has done it. It’s truly remarkable.
There are some scenes of real violence recorded during politically-charged riots in Kenya which could be scary for some viewers. Some of the people who were helped as children by Mully speak in detail about the abuse they experienced – one girl relates that her father raped her, another shares that when she was very young, her mother prostituted her. Scenes like these also capture the need that Mully saw; they affirm the importance of the actions he took.

Mully (the inspiring film and the amazing man) captures an important aspect of the heart of foster care and adoption.  Mully plays in theaters Thursday, October 5 2017 through Fathom Events prior to its release on DVD. 

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