Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Mountain Between Us Adoption Movie Review

When their chartered plane crashes in a remote mountain, strangers (and lone survivors) Ben and Alex must navigate an unfamiliar wilderness to find their way back to civilization.


The Adoption Connection

There is no mention of adoption in the film. Alex and Ben inherit the dog of their deceased pilot, and he does become an integral member of their party. Alex and Ben form a bond with each other through their shared adversity.

Strong Points

Ben and Alex have great strength. Each forgives the other for words said in anger.

Both characters admit when they are scared. Ben acknowledges that they might not survive, and in spite of this admission, he recognizes that he and Alex have a choice whether to keep trying. 


Some frightening scenes (a plane crash and a cougar attack) and a sex scene push this film out of bounds for many younger viewers.

Alex and Ben say some hurtful things to each other.


The Mountain Between Us was enjoyable for me. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids, and it seems more likely to appeal to adults rather than to teens. As you watch it, think about the ways that relationships form through traumatic situations.

Questions for Discussion

What keeps Alex and Ben bonded together once their traumatic circumstances have ended?

How did you become friends with the person who is closest to you?

What traumatic incidents have your kids experienced? What do they need from you to help process those?

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