Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ready Player One Adoption Movie Review

The Plot

In a dystopian future, humanity has turned away from the depressing, overcrowded real world, and spends all of their time in an online, virtual reality universe known as The Oasis. When the founder of the Oasis dies, a treasure hunt for control of his fortune – and control of the Oasis – brings out the best and the worst of people. A young man named Wade Watts is the first to make progress in the treasure hunt, and news of his success earns him worldwide fame, but subjects him to the dangerous intentions of an evil corporation.


The Adoption Connection
Wade’s parents have both died. Wade lives with his Aunt Alice and her physically abusive boyfriend. We see the boyfriend hit Wade on one occasion. One of Wade’s friends reveals that one of their parents died in a sort of debtors’ prison.  

Strong Points
The film encourages its viewers to embrace life in the real world, and to not let fear stop them from taking important steps.

Two characters have experienced parental loss. One has to flee his home when it becomes unsafe, and is apparently abducted.
A character kills his friend’s avatar in the virtual world to help them in the real world.

Ready Player One is one of my favorite books. The movie is not a faithful translation of the book, but it does seem to stand on its own as a decent, imaginative action movie. Some scenes may be too loud or scary for younger viewers, but this one should be OK for most viewers ages 11 and up.

Questions for Discussion
Have you ever had an online friend or a pen-pal?
What would you do if you won half a trillion dollars?
If you could control the Internet, what changes would you make?

Other Ideas

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