Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ralph Breaks the Internet Adoption Movie Review

When Vanellope’s arcade game is damaged, and her arcade gets WiFi, Vanellope and her friend Wreck-It Ralph go online in hopes of saving her game, but when exposed to a whole new world, Vanellope starts to wonder if she really does want to reclaim her past.


The Adoption Connection

A scene lasting a few minutes makes light of adoption; When Vanellope’s game is unplugged, she declares that she and the other characters of her game are homeless. A married couple from other games express that they will adopt 15 of the young characters. One expresses that the children are “feral,” and another describes them as “lost lambs in need of parents.” Another expresses that parenting will be easy, since it just requires you to “give them everything they want.” A character describes the children as “lovable scamps destroying my sanity.”

Strong Points

The film shows that friends can stay friends, even when circumstances change, and even when friends move away. It shows that hurt feelings can be overcome. It offers an opportunity to explore how clinginess could be harmful to friendships, while also helping to understand where clinginess might come from.


For a moment, it appears that Ralph’s clinginess has cost him his best friend. This could be hard for some sensitive young viewers.

The adoption scene is mostly played for laughs, but could be bothersome to some families.

Aside from some scenes that could frighten young viewers, and an adoption scene that seems a bit out of place, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun movie. It should be good for most kids ages 9 and up.

Questions for Discussion

How will Ralph and Vanellope stay friends even though they live far away?

How can you stay friends with people that you don’t see very often?

What video game would you like to live in?

Other Ideas

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