Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family Movie Night

I recently wrote an article in Adoptive Families magazine. It's a quick look at ten films worth watching, with some topics for conversation afterwards.

Chilly fall and winter nights are perfect for cuddling on the couch and enjoying a movie together. Watching a flick with an adoption or foster-care storyline, or themes of identity and belonging, can not only entertain, but lead to a thoughtful conversation about the way your family was formed. Here's my lowdown on films you've probably heard about—some handle the topic poorly, some handle it well—with talking points. Get the popcorn ready!

How can Meet the Robinsons, The Tigger Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me, and Moonrise Kingdom be a part of your family movie night?

Read the rest at Adoptive Families and pick one of the movies up tonight!

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