Monday, October 21, 2013

Now in Stores: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is the sci-fi monster/action movie that shows how humankind (sort of) comes together to find off the invading, gigantic, vicious Kaijus. It did well in the box offices, taking in grosses of more than double its $190 million budget. People like to see humans beat monsters, I guess. It released in stores a few days ago.

While Pacific Rim focuses primarily on the fighting between people and monsters it also shares some of the interpersonal drama between the people doing the fighting. Brothers are separated. A fallen hero returns from self-imposed exile. And, oh yeah, an adoptive parent who rescued a young girl several years ago now needs to acknowledge that she's grown, that life circumstances have changed, and that he needs to let her enter the world on her own, apart from his protection.

It's not a particularly deep film, and it's not supposed to be, but it does provide grounds for reflection on a couple relevant issues. Thinking of renting it?

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