Monday, January 4, 2016

9 Thought-Provoking Adoption Movies

Good cinema can bring your thoughts places that you didn’t expect to go. Here are some of the films that have been the most thought-provoking for me, personally. I’ve gone ahead and linked the title of each film to its Adoption Movie Guide; feel free to click on over. Why not start this year by revisiting an old favorite, or finding a new film to love?

Aging Out: This PBS documentary followed the lives of a few teenagers who aged out of foster care. Foster kids are resilient, but they face great challenges if they reach adulthood without finding permanency. Some thrive, others flounder. This was a very good, but very hard, documentary to watch.

Beasts of the Southern Wild: This one made me think a lot about the ethics of imposed help. It also prompted me to write another post, 12 Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Adoption is Ethical

Delivery Man and Instructions Not Included: Both of these films take interesting explorations of what it takes to make someone a dad.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green: I was very impressed at how the Greens processed their infertility.  It actually seems like a good therapeutic intervention.

Superman: the MovieSuperman 2Superman 2 the Donner Cut, and Man of Steel: These films feature Superman / Clark Kent / Cal-El – a Kryptonian who was sent as an infant to Earth. I’m struck by how these films take different approaches to the relationship between Superman’s two cultures, and to the decision that his Kryptonian parents made to send him to earth. For what it’s worth, I prefer Superman 2: The Donner Cut and Man of Steel over the first two releases.

Which films have been the most thought-provoking for you? What thoughts did they provoke?    Comment below!

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