Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Adoption Movie Review

With the galaxy in chaos, orphaned children are forced to steal to survive. Two young lovers escape gang control, but they are separated before they can make it offworld. Han escapes, and promises that he will come back to rescue Qi’ra.

** I will try to avoid spoilers, but do be aware that there may be SPOILERS AHEAD THE REST OF THE WAY **

The Adoption Connection

Han’s last name, “Solo” is arbitrarily assigned by a government official who learns that Han “has no people.”

Han’s friend Chewbacca reveals that he is trying to find his own tribe or family (Han couldn’t differentiate between the two terms in Chewbacca’s language).

Strong Points

From a fan perspective, this is a fun movie, and it answers questions that I hadn’t thought to ask. It is worth seeing.

Parents and children are separated.

The realistic nature of some war scenes could surprise some younger viewers.

Some soldiers try to feed Han to a beast.

One character’s life philosophy is to “assume everyone will be tray you and you’ll never be disappointed.”


Solo: A Star Wars Story has some violence that feels more realistic than sci-fi, and there are some on-screen (or just-off-screen) deaths of some sympathetic characters; both of these could make the movie a rough experience for the youngest viewers. The film is rated PG-13 and that feels like a pretty good guideline; I’d recommend it for most kids ages 12 and up.

Questions for Discussion

How do you feel about how Han was given his last name? Should he have been able to choose one?

Who do you think Han can trust? What makes you think that?

Would you like to have a friend like Chewbacca?

Other Ideas

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