Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Feel Pretty Adoption Movie Review

Renee Bennett feels invisible and unconfident because of her body. In an attempt to change her life by changing her physique, Renee joins a cycling class, but suffers a serious fall which renders her unconscious. When she wakes up, Renee sees herself differently. She is amazed at her newly-realized good looks, and with her new confidence, her career soars but her friendships suffer. Can she find a balance between confidence and shallowness?  


The Adoption Connection
There is no adoption element to the story.

Strong Points
Renee eventually realizes that her physique never changed – only her confidence did. She affirms the importance of women accepting themselves as they are.
We learn that even people in positions of power have insecurities.

A sex scene and the general flavor of the film aims at an audience of adults and older teens. 

For adults and older teens, I Feel Pretty has a generally positive message accompanied by some off-color but laugh-out-loud moments. Some reviewers have felt that the movie is hypocritical – having a positive message but also making fat jokes – but it didn’t strike me that way. Good for adults, and possibly some older teens, but parents should pre-screen it to decide.

Questions for Discussion

What did Renee believe made the difference in how she felt and in her career trajectory? What actually made the difference?

Do you think it’s more important to look good or to feel good?  

Other Ideas

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