Tuesday, July 17, 2018

For A Better Life - documentary short review (spoilers)

(Spoilers ahead)

As a young boy in Tunisia, Fekri Kram was saved by a French tourist who prevented a shopkeeper from cutting off Fekri’s hand after Fekri had stolen bread. The tourist then followed Fekri home – and his life changed for the worst. Fekri’s mother sold him to the tourist in hopes of giving him a better life, but the life he experienced was horrific. Fekri was sexually abused and physically brutalized by the woman, and he came near death before he was finally rescued from her. Even in foster care, Fekri’s life was difficult; a suicide attempt led him to a residential treatment center, where after nearly a decade, he found healing, and was finally able to forgive his mother.

In this powerfully-narrated, animated documentary short (10-minute) film from Yasmin Mistry, Fekri shares his story. Foster and adoption agencies could consider incorporating this film as part of their training curriculum, and, for people considering becoming foster or adoptive parents, Fekri’s vulnerable sharing of his own life experiences can be simultaneously heartbreaking and inspiring. This one is recommended for adults.

As you watch it, imagine what life experiences your kids may have had. How can you help them feel safe talking to you about them? How might their life experiences show up in their behaviors? What would be the most helpful parental responses in situations where a child’s troubling behavior is reflective of the abuse they’ve previously experienced?

To find out more about this film, check out www.fostercarefilm.com/forabetterlife

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