Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tomb Raider Adoption Movie Review

Lara Croft’s father left years ago, and never returned. Lara has been reluctant to claim her inheritance because she does not want to believe that her father may be dead, however, when she does claim it, she begins to uncover clues as to the destination of his last journey. Lara bravely sets off to try to find her father.


The Adoption Connection

Lara has been looked after by one of his father’s associates, who seems to have ulterior motives. Lara misses her father, and continues to hold out hope that he will return. She eventually goes out to find him.

Strong Points

Lara is able to find closure with regard to her dad.


As a child and teenager, Lara is often left behind by her father as he pursues his life work. She begins protesting, but he always ends up leaving. This could be hard for some viewers.

A character lies, and brags that he killed Lara’s father.

Lara’s dad does die a gruesome death, as do other characters.

One character enslaves others and murders them when he finds them to be no longer useful.

Lara is attacked, but manages to drown her assailant by holding his head under water.

Lara does find her dad, but she loses him shortly thereafter.


Tomb Raider is (unsurprisingly) frightening and violent. Lara’s relationship with her father could be triggers for teens with issues of loss or parental abandonment, and it is a bit disturbing that her guardian is untrustworthy. The frightening and violent scenes of this film probably relegate it to teenagers, but for families touched by adoption, even teens might struggle with the intertwined themes of parental loss, untrustworthy guardians, abandonment, and violence. This one is probably safe to skip.  

Questions for Discussion

Have you ever thought about seeking for someone that you haven’t seen in a long time?

How do you think Lara’s dad’s work will impact Lara’s life moving forward?

Was Lara’s dad right to leave her behind so often?

Other Ideas

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